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Engraved with love..Hand worked For Comfort..Hand forged For Spring


 “Brian May, formerly from Queen, often plays with a silver sixpence, producing a brilliant sound that many guitarists desire.

Playing guitar with a silver pick gives a unique, rich and bright sound, very different from normal plectrums.”

silver guitar


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    You Rock My World

Custom Made Plectrums in Silver, Titanium and Gold. See some more silver plectrums and guitar picks.

You can chosse what you would like engraved - I like the the music related quotes like "You Rock" - or "You make my heart sing"

plectrums from south africa

These plectrums are functional and can be used on steel string guitars. I use a titanium plectrum on my Line 6 - sounds great.

They obviosly can be worn and make a great gift for someone involved in music.

We make in 2 sizes - standard pick size (25mm x 32mm) and one that is smaller (22mm x 25mm).

We also make cuff links and and a whole range of other jewelry. You can see our full range at www.africangold.co.za

Beautiful and Original Plectrums

"Hi Wayne, I collected the plectrum yesterday. It looks great! Thank you so much! Regards, Miranda" - more compliments



Titanium Plectrums and titanium picks - Large R740, Small R380


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plectrum sharks fin sterling silver
Shark Fin small - R350

plectrums silver south africa
Shark Fin small - R350

picks south africa silver
 Standard large - R680